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Under the artistic guidance of Dirk Vermeulen, Prima La Musica has well-established itself in the international music community over the past fifteen years – playing over five hundred concerts and recording sixteen CDs. Concerts in France, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Morocco, and Austria reflect the international fame of the ensemble, which has worked with Barbara Hendricks, José van Dam, Isabelle Faust, Cyndia Sieden and Sabine Meyer. The orchestra plays modern instruments and Dirk Vermeulen has quite a reputation for translating authentic historical practice to such modern instruments.

In our Western culture with its broad expanse of countless specialised ensembles for each style and period, Prima la Musica strives to take on the full scale of the orchestral repertoire by programming the music of Bach, Haydn and Mozart next to Pärt, Schoenberg or Lutowslawski. Moreover, substantial attention is focused on young composers. This gives rise to an active panorama, a fascinating and provocative view of the musical interaction between various periods, following the maxim of Alban Berg, ´One should render classical music as if it were modern and modern music as if it were classical.

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